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How to use the correct condom

How to use the correct condom

As you know that condom is one of the cheapest contraceptive methods which couple used during the sexual activity. A couple uses the condom during the sexual activity to prevent unwanted pregnancy and different types of STD/STI.A condom is used by any of the people either men or women.

The male condom is different from the female condom. Most of the male condom is made with a latex material. The male can wear the condom on the penis during the sexual intercourse.The female condom is usually made of polyurethane. The female condom has a flexible ring at both the end.The one end of the female condom is closed and inserted into the vagina.

It is important for a couple to use the condom in a proper manner. If couple use the condom in a proper manner then the contraceptive rate is 98% effective but if people do not use the condom in a proper manner then the contraceptive rate is 85% effective During sexual activity,if male partner use the condom then it is important for them to select the correct size of the condom, There are various types of condoms, but it is important to use. Men should select the condom according to their penis size.People can easily purchase the condom either from the shop or from the online store.

Step 1

Step 1

Before involving in the sexual activity, it is important for a couple to wear the condom. While purchasing the condom, a couple should check the expiration date of the condom. If the condom gets expired then they should select the another condom.Before taking the condom out from the packet it is necessary for people to cut their nails otherwise there is a possibility that condom gets scratched with nails.

A couple should slowly and smoothly take the condom out of the packet. While taking out the condom from the packet, if condom gets scratched then, in this case, use the fresh condom.A couple should avoid using the teeth, scissors or other pointing device, while opening the condom packet.

The couple also use different types of personal lubricant with the condom. Men can apply the personal lubricant on his penis and also on the surface of the condom. Personal lubricant help to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery.

With the help of personal lubricant, men can easily wear the condom without any pain. During sexual activity, if a couple is using the latex condom then, in this case, they should avoid using the oil-based lubricant because oil-based lubricant breaks the latex condom.

Step 2

Step 2

During sexual activity, if male partner uses the condom, then it is important for them to select the correct size of the condom. If men do not select the correct size then the condom will break during sexual intercourse. First men should check the front and back side of the condom and place it at the tip of the glans of the penis. Men can also put some drop of the lubricant on the tip of the condom or on the surface of the condom. Now slowly roll the condom towards the base of the penis. The condom covers the whole penis.

When female use the condom, then it is important for them to find the inner ring and outer ring. Female partner also uses the lubricant of their own choice. While wearing the female condom, squeeze the inner ring and slowly insert the condom into the vagina. Push the inner ring up to the cervix.

Place the condom in such a manner that the outer ring hangs outside the vagina. Male partner can also use the female condom during the anal sex. During anal sex, men can wear the female condom is a similar manner as women wear it during the vagina penetration.

Step 3

Step 3<

Once the sexual activity is completed, a couple should remove the condom in a proper manner so that semen does not come out. After completing the sexual activity, a couple should never flush the condom down the toilet.

A couple should wrap the used condom with tissues and then throw it into the dustbin. During sexual activity, at the same time, both the partner does not use the condom. If both the partner use the condom at the same time then there is a possibility that condom will break during the sexual intercourse and semen comes out which cause the unwanted pregnancy. People should always store the condom in a cool and dry place.